Cantero Architecture was born from the passion for architecture,

design and the desire of helping people.

I am Inma Cantero, a Spanish architect graduated by Escuela de Arquitectura at Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2015) with a postgraduate degree Building Rehabilitation by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (2016) and founder of Cantero Architecture (2017) based in Rotterdam.

I design conceptual and contemporary solutions to interact with the existing situation to create an added value to existing spaces. I aim to set up an environment that shows the personality of my clients. Whether it is a house an office or a shop, space must match who lives, works or even uses it.

Together we can reach a unique and special space for you!  

Why I could help you?


Having an architect is not something elitist, nowadays to have a professional for the renovation of our home can even save you a lot of money. Not only because you can get a better overview and advice about how to optimise the renovation according to a specific budget. So you will know, that you will spend your money wisely.

An architect will also help you to plan better the execution work, avoid delays or even

make decisions on time so that there are no unforeseen events that usually are synonymous with increased costs.

A good design ...

... is innovative, funtional, intuitive and uniq.

... is user-oriented, unobtrusive and long-lasting.

... optimises space and it will bring an added value to a property.

... takes time and therefore it is not cheap, instead, a bad design can be expensive!

Do not hesitate to contact me for a completely personalized renovation/extension project for your house, interior design, furniture design among others... 


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