Cantero Architecture

“We design conceptual and contemporary solutions to interact with a current space to create added value.”

- Inma Cantero,
CEO and founder of Cantero Architecture

Inma Cantero is a Spanish architect based in Rotterdam. She graduated from Escuela de Arquitectura at Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (2015). As an Architect she has specialised in rehabilitation, holding a postgraduate degree in Building Rehabilitation from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (2016). She established her own studio in 2017 in Rotterdam.

During her professional career, she collaborated with Nomadic Resorts in the architectural design of Wild Coast Tented Lodge in Sri Lanka, which won UNESCO Prix Versailles for Restaurant Exterior and Grand Award for Sustainability from DFA awards among others.

Moreover, she has been a keynote speaker at conferences such as “Collaborative entrepreneurship” at Escuela de Arquitectura at Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (EA-LPGC) that took place in 2018 for the 50th anniversary of this architectural school. Inma gave a lecture about this type of business model and her office in Rotterdam.

The recognition of her work led to being featured in magazines and different online platforms specialised in architecture and design such as Arch Daily, Design Milk, Interiors Magazine, Architectenweb, “Trend New Zeland” and “Mi Casa” among others.


We are a dynamic but determined architectural office focused on renovation and interior design. We design functional and unique solutions for all our projects and clients, created to meet their needs and do so with exclusive ideas which bring character and create practical and comfortable spaces.

Through our designs we achieve the objectives set by our customers with a consistent aesthetic that responds to their tastes using the most appropriate materials.

Our office provides aesthetic and technical guidance during the implementation of the whole project and construction work. We always communicate closely with our clients throughout the different phases from its design until it becomes a reality.


Likewise, we believe that shared knowledge and working together is a step towards reaching perfection. Therefore, we work constantly in collaboration with an extraordinary team of international multidisciplinary professionals regarding the requirements of every project, so that everything is perfect and our clients only have to worry about enjoying the result.

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